Grappino just opened January 2020, this is the latest restaurant in the incomparable Aielli Group (Sea Salt, Dorona, Barbatella). This Italian eatery offers a fine selection of charcuterie and bruschetta as well as build-your-own pasta dishes and pizzas.Grappino pairs simple Italian comfort food inspired by chef/owner Fabrizio Aielli’s Venetian roots with a showcase of over 100 Grappa varieties making it one of the largest Grappa bars in the country. The name Grappino comes from a classic Italian liquor, grappa. The drink is a type of brandy with origins similar to American moonshine. Grappa started with Italian farmers. The farmers took the leftover seeds, stems and skins from wine grapes and used the pieces to make grappa for themselves. Although typically served chilled or room temperature and after dinner, we utilize our large selection for specialty craft cocktails as well.

Address: 90 9th Street N, Naples, FL 34110


Phone: (239) 331-4325